50 Cute Teacher Gift Ideas

50 Cute Teacher Gift Ideas features cute sayings for printable tags that perfect to use for teacher survival kits, back to school gifts, or a special surprise during the year.  These ideas are sure to show your child’s teacher how much we love them and appreciate their hard work!

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50 Cute Teacher Gift Ideas

Cheap and Easy DIY Gifts

Simply gather a box of crayons, glue gun and a cheap Dollar Tree wall clock to create this amazing crayon clock!

Candy Sayings

  1. “You are a joy!” tag attached to an Almond Joy candy bar
  2. “Thanks for Going the Extra Mile” tag attached to Extra chewing gum
  3. “Bursting with excitement for this school year”- tag attached to Starburst candy
  4. “Hope your first day of school is sweet” attach with any candy of choice
  5. “You rock!” tag with pop rocks, rock candy
  6. “You’re one in a million” tag attached to (10) 100 Grand Bars
  7. “Thank you for making me a Smartie” tag attached to packages of Smarties Candy
  8. “Here’s to a Jolly School year”- tag attach to Jolly Ranchers candy
  9. “Hugs and Kisses on your first day of school”-tag attached with Hershey Kisses hugs chocolates
  10. “It’s Going to be a Berry good school year” tag attached with berry flavored candy
  11. “ You were mint to be my teacher” tag attached with a bag of mints

School Supplies

  1. “My future is looking sharp with you as my teacher” tag attached with sharpie markers
  2. “Let’s start the year off write” attach tag with pencils or pens
  3. “Have a remarkable first day of school” tag with dry-erase markers
  4. “Here’s to a colorful school year” tag with crayons or markers
  5. “You have been the ‘bright’ spot in our year” tag with a package of highlighters
  6. “You have been just ‘write’ this year!” tag attached with a package of nice pencils or pens in a case or
  7. “Erase your fears, it’s going to be a great year” tag attached with an eraser
  8. “Thanks for ‘time’ you spent with me.” Tag attached to a cute clock, fun watch or appointment book container
Download free printable gift tags.


  1. “You rock!”  tag with Rock Star soft drink
  2. “You are an AW-esome teacher” tag attached to a six-pack of A&W root beer
  3. “You are a ‘Fanta’ stic teacher” tag attached to a bottle of Fanta soda of choice
  4. “Thanks for all that you Dew” tag attached with a can of Mountain Dew
  5. “Thank you for quenching my thirst for knowledge” tag attached to a reusable drinking cup 
  6. “Thanks a latte for all you do” attach Starbucks latte drink mix
  7. “I will miss you a latte.” attach Starbucks drink mix

Sweet and Savory Treats

  1. “You are one smart cookie” tag with homemade cookies
  2. “We are fortunate to have you” tag with Chinese takeout box filled with fortune cookies
  3. “Shooting for Brownie points” tag attached to a box of brownies
  4. “We need ‘S’more’ teachers like you” tag attached to S’mores supplies
  5. “I couldn’t have ‘picked’ a better teacher” tag attached to an apple
  6. “Here’s the scoop… you are the best!” attached to Sundae supplies
  7. “We are ‘nuts’ about you!” tag attached to some nuts
  8. “It’s Going to be a Berry good school year” tag attached with berry fruit/candy
  9. “Nacho average teacher” tag attached with a bag of nacho chips or nacho kit.
  10. “Thanks a ‘whole’ bunch” tag attached with donut holes
  11. “Orange you glad it’s Summer break (Fall break, Spring break, Winter break)” tag with oranges or orange-flavored treats

Gift Cards

  1. “Your teaching is right on target” attached to a Target gift card
  2. “You’re an amazing teacher” attach an Amazon gift
  3. “Thanks a Latte” for all you attach a Starbucks gift card
  4. “Here is a ‘pat’ on the back for doing such a great job!” tag attached to a gift certificate for a massage
  5. “Mani thanks for all you do” attach with a manicure/pedicure supply
  6. “Welcome back to the grind” attach a Starbucks gift card
  7. “Here’s the scoop… you are the best!” attached to a gift card to an ice cream shop


  1. “Mani thanks for all you do” attach with a manicure/pedicure supply
  2. “Hope your year goes smoothly” attach with lotions/body cream/body scrub
  3. “In case you don’t know, you’re the balm” tag attached with chapstick or lip balm
  4. “Teachers like you paint bright futures.” tag attached with nail polish

Survival Kits

I gathered a mix of inexpensive of the candies, school supplies, and treats and created a cute gift basket. I typically get my supplies from the dollar store and usually spend no more than 10 Dollars!! 

I created some free printable teacher gift tags to help make your teacher feel extra special this school year. Click here.

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