43 of The Best Things to Buy at The Dollar Tree

The Dollar Tree is a fantastic dollar retail chain! Many people often do not realize that awesomeness of the Dollar Tree, but today I am going to change that, and share with you 43 of The Best Things to Buy at The Dollar Tree.

The Best Things to Buy at The Dollar Tree

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Health and Beauty

·   Hair Elastics -They usually come in an eight-count and are perfect for travel at the dollar store are a great deal.
·   Pregnancy tests – these pregnancy tests reliable and are cheap. These are perfect for women who are trying to conceive and do not want to spend 14 dollars for every test kit.

·   Toothpaste- you can find name brand toothpaste for a fraction of the cost of grocery or superstores.
·  Cotton Balls – Get a 100-ct Bag of Cotton balls for your, removing nail polish, skincare, and other needs.
·   Feminine hygiene products
·   Bar soaps and shower gels
·   Toilet Paper-you can score a great deal on a four-pack of name brand toilet paper or single rolls of higher quality brands.

 Cleaning Supplies

·   Cleaning brushes

·   Scouring Pads
·   Sponges
·   Paper Towel-you can get lucky and score an incredible deal on name-brand paper towels.
·   Travel Size Laundry Detergent

·   Travel Size Fabric Softener
·   Dish Soap
·   Cleaning solutions (supplies vary by location)
o  Goo Gone –adhesive remover
o  Pine-sol
o  Mr. Clean


·   Scotch Tape –Scotch Transparent tape and Magic tape. Perfect for the holidays and to keep around for everyday use.
·   Ribbon- Seasonal rolls of wired ribbon
·   Wreath Molds- perfect for making a door wreath
·   Floral Wire
·   Stickers- These are perfect for kid's crafts, scrapbooking, and other fun projects.
·   Sharpies- an excellent deal for a single sharpie marker.
·   Stationery and Paper products- including lined paper for writing practice for your children
·   Adhesive- an alternative if you do not have a glue gun. Does take 24 hours to completely dry

·   Coloring Books – from Crayola, Disney, and other coloring book options.
  • Faux Flowers


·   Storage bins are perfect for organizing, and color selection varies by season. – Dollar Tree has a variety of different tubs and containers some are good quality

·   Glass Vase – I have found glass vases for flowers and arts and craft projects in a variety of colors and sizes, all for $1.
·   Dishes – the dollar store has fun and seasonally inspired selection of dinner plates and bowls. A great alternative to using plastic plates and cups at your next dinner party.
·   Drinking Glasses– the dollar store has fun and seasonally inspired selection of stemware, mugs, and glasses. A great alternative to using plastic plates and cups at your next dinner party
·   Mason Jars-Perfect for storage and you can also use them to serve beverages at your next event
·   Vinyl Wall Decals- very fun and straightforward ways to jazz up a bare wall by adding a simple wall decal from the Dollar Tree.

Kitchen Items

·   Measuring cups and spoons – The Dollar Tree offers a wide variety of measuring tools period from Plastic measuring cups, spoons, and even liquid measuring cups

·   Wax Paper, Parchment Paper, and Aluminum Foil
·   Aluminum Baking Tins– The Dollar Tree offers a wide variety of aluminum baking tins that make cleanup a breeze.
·   Mugs – These buns are perfect for craft ideas, gift ideas, and for everyday use. These mugs come in a wide variety of sizes and colors. Another excellent value for a fraction of the cost

Party Supplies

Do you have a party or event that's coming up soon? The Dollar Tree is a perfect one-stop-shop where you can find a wide variety of party supplies gifts and other items to make your party or event memorable.
·   Birthday Candles
·   Table Cloth – Disposable plastic in a variety of colors and sizes.
·   Salad Tongs and serving utensils – Clear plastic Salad tongs are perfect for any occasion, especially parties.
·   Food platters and Trays- perfect for serving about a style meal or order at your next event.
·   Tissue Paper – a fantastic and inexpensive way to upgrade any gift! The dollar store is a fantastic deal; it's almost half the price of tissue paper at Walmart.
·   Balloons – The Dollar Tree offers a wide variety and selection of mylar in latex balloons. But the awesomeness doesn't stop there; they also provide balloon (at additional cost) weights to keep those balloons safe and sound during your event
·   Gift Bags– the Dollar Tree is a perfect place to score amazing deals on a wide variety of gift bags. My go-to place for all things gift bags. They have a vast selection that does vary by season and are a perfect way to show someone appreciation.

·   Wrapping Paper- We all know the wrapping paper could be costly during the Holidays. But the Dollar Tree offers a great selection that rotates throughout the year at only a fraction of the cost.

·   Greeting Cards – the Dollar Tree offers fantastic gift card options for any occasion. Greeting cards do vary by season. However, you will find the traditional birthday, wedding, baby shower, etc. always at in stock at the Dollar Tree

Seasonal D├ęcor Items

The Dollar Tree also has a fantastic selection of seasonal decor items. You can find fantastic reef Garland door hangers and accessories for almost any holiday. Preferences and stores may vary in inventory, inventory for various Holidays are date specific. Pro tip I typically start shopping for seasonal decor about 45 days in advance to make sure I get first dibs on all of the new inventory that arrives.

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FTC: Some of my posts may contain affiliate links. Please refer to my disclosure policy for more information.

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