Insanely Easy and Cheap Thanksgiving Treats for Kids

Are you looking for a healthy treat idea that is perfect for your classroom Thanksgiving parties? I have the perfect treat idea for you that you and your child are sure to love. Insanely Easy and Cheap Thanksgiving Treats for Kids, are the perfect for the not too crafty, super busy, and overwhelmed mom or dad. 

Insanely Easy and Cheap Thanksgiving Treats for Kids

Thanksgiving is a time where we gather together as family and friends and celebrate each other. It is also a time to help encourage our kids to show gratitude and for their friends, family, and teachers. For this Thanksgiving, let's show extra kindness and generosity with this fun and healthy Thanksgiving classroom treats that are easy and cheap!


1- 4-count Package of Mandarin Oranges
1- Sharpie Marker
1- Package of Craft eyes
1- Package of Feathers
1- glue gun or adhesive of your choice. 


1. Take 3 feathers and place a small amount of adhesive.
2. Paste them to the back part of the cup of oranges
3. Select a pair of eyes, apply adhesive, and paste to a cup of  mandarin oranges
4. Take your Sharpie and draw a sweet smile
5. Allow time to dry.

Voila, all done! Congratulations, your Insanely Easy and Cheap Thanksgiving Treats for Kids are complete! 

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