The Best Braidless Sew in that Will Bless Your Hair and Life

Are you looking to upgrade your tired and old traditional sew-in hair extensions for a more natural and versatile look?  Me too! Yall I was on the hunt for a more versatile hair extension! Thankfully God answers prayers (LOL). 

Keep reading; I will share with you The Best Braidless Sew in that Will Bless Your Hair and Life. 


Truthfully it's the best hair extension method that I have ever had! Express Beaded Micro Weft Extensions by Jackie Black Jackie Black is a fantastic stylist in Houston, Texas. She developed an excellent method of hair extensions that are braid-less and glue-less. The best part is that this method does not damage your hair! Her technique is called Express weft micro-beaded extensions (EBMW)! This method is so impressive; I can put my hair in high ponytail and bun! Please keep reading to learn why I am never going back to traditional sew-ins!

What is a Braidless Sew In?

According to, "The braidless sew-in is said to eliminate bulkiness throughout the hair, leaves no lumps or bumps, and gives more flexibility with styling as far as putting your hair up into an updo style and a high, flat ponytail without any visible extensions. Because your hair is not braided down, there is more breathing room for the scalp, which allows thorough cleansing when washing your hair."

Where did you have your Braidless Sew In Done?

I went to The Salons of the Forest in Humble, Texas! My stylist is Ms. Jackie Black; she is the owner and operator of The Salons of the Forest and owner of Jackie Black extensions, LLC. She seriously works magic on your hair, and is so, so good at what she does! If you go to visit her or go for a consult for EBMW, don't forget to mention Natalie!! Check out her Instagram here to see her work!

What's the braidless hair extension process?

 I had an initial consult (about 30 min) with Jackie for and discussed with her in great detail the look I was going for (natural-appearing extensions that were versatile and did not damage my real hair). After that, she recommended the type of hair that I should get to achieve the look I desired.

We also discussed other services that I needed to achieve the look. So, in addition to the EBMW, I had a relaxer (chemical hair straightener) and trim done on the same day.

How long did it take for the braidless sew in to be installed?

This appointment took about 3.5 hours for a relaxer, hair trim, and installation.

Braidless sew in style

How much hair did you have installed?

I purchased and had installed one 18inch bundle of Cambodian straight hair from Jackie Black Extensions LLC; you can click on her website here. This is the best quality hair that I have ever had! All of her bundles of hair are from single donors. In doing so, shedding is minimal, and the hair cuticles lay in the same direction. Giving you a more natural appearance as well as minimizes frizz.

How many rows of extensions hair did you have installed?

With the EBMW extensions, you can have several rows installed. I have one bundle of hair installed in two rows for a more natural look.

Do Braidless sew ins damage your natural hair?

 No!! Not at all! It is braid less and glue-less! Therefore, the tension on your natural hair is minimal, with her unique technique! My hair continues to grow and thrive with her method. I also go and have proper maintenance done to them regularly.

How long do the hair extensions last?

The hair that I purchased from Jackie is so high quality and is guaranteed to last two years with appropriate maintenance. The extensions itself can stay in for up to 12 weeks, depending on your hair growth and maintenance. Retightening is recommended every 6-8 weeks.

What hair products do you use to maintain your Braidless sew in?

I typically have Jackie maintain my hair every 2-3 weeks. When I am unable to visit her, I use a moisturizing shampoo/conditioner from Moroccan Oil. I brush my hair with a wet brush and use Moroccan Argon Oil to maintain moisture and shine in between salon visits

Can women with Natural Hair get this Braidless Sew ins?

Yes! This method is perfect for ALL HAIR TYPES. Jackie offers a wide variety of hair textures that she sells, or you can bring in your hair and have them installed with her EBMW method.

How much does the braid-less sew this cost?

The braid less sew in prices varies by stylist. The price is variable depending on the type of hair and style desired.

The cost of the hair is often included, but be sure to contact Jackie Black for more information.

Would you recommend braidless sew ins?

YES! My hair has never looked so beautiful and natural! I can put my hair in a high ponytail and style it effortlessly! Jackie is a phenomenal stylist and friend! I think you will love the added fullness and versatility that the EBMW extensions give you! I plan on upgrading and changing from traditional weft bundles to hand-tied bundles. Jackie also offers AMAZING hand-tied hair that is virtually undetectable when installed with her EMBW method.

Can Caucasian Women get braidless sew ins?

Yes!!! Absolutely! EBMW (braidless sew in) method is for all hair types!

Can you stylist, Jackie,  do other types of hair extensions?

Yes! Jackie has been doing hair for over 20 years and has mastered and developed numerous hair extension techniques.

What is your hair stylist's information? 

Spoiled Life by Jackie Black
3333 FM 1960 E, Suite 110, Humble, TX 77338
(281) 917-1108


I hope my post The Best Braidless Sew in that Will Bless Your Hair and Life helped clarify common questions about Braidless sew in hair extensions!


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