The Best Sales on Prime Day: Deals that Will Bless Your Life

There is no secret that you can score significant savings during the Amazon Prime Day sales event. I typically begin preparations in late Spring, with hopes to score major deals on back to school items, Christmas gifts, teacher gifts, birthday gifts, clothing, and home products. Keep reading to learn all about The Best Sales on Prime Day: Deals that Will Bless Your Life.

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The Best Sales on Prime Day: Deals that Will Bless Your Life

Items featured on Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day

Over the past several Amazon Prime Days, we have noticed a pattern to typically include electronics, home furniture, home gadgets, and Kitchen items. You can click here to see my last post that details various Amazon Prime Day Hacks to ensure you are getting the best deals. 

1. Instantpot - this is a definite go-to kitchen item that is easily the most used kitchen favorite of mine.  It is no secret that Amazon has amazing kitchen and dining items from Amazon.

2. Great gift for the apple lover. Apple Watch

3. Amazon Echo Show we have this in our master bedroom and love it. Here are some more smart home favorites from Amazon.

4. Amazon Echo Spot we have one in our kitchen and love using it to check the weather, listen to Prime Music, and other tasks 

5. Kitchen Aide Stand Mixer has been on my wish list for a while. 

6. Echo Tower great gift for families not wanting to spend too much on an Echo Show or Echo Spot. 

7. iPad a great all-around gadget, I have the 1st generation and believe it's time for an upgrade (LOL) 

8. Roomba Vacuum, we just had brand new laminate flooring installed…dark wood tells all your business (LOL)…we use ours daily! 

9. Dyson Stick Vacuum, we just had brand new laminate flooring installed dark wood shows all your activity (LOL) 

10. Bose wireless Headphones I hear nothing but great things about these headphones. 

11. Fire Tablet for Kids We LOVE this for our three year old. 

13. Simple Human Trash Can Love ours and have had it for 12 years!! 

15. Blendtec-great gift for a family member or a friend wanting to upgrade their blender. We love ours, and I am considering purchasing one for my mom and in-laws.

Is Amazon Prime Day 2020 Cancelled?

Amazon Prime Day 2020 has been moved to October according to sources from the Wallstreet Journal. Have no fear, Amazon will lose millions if they canceled Amazon Prime Day, be sure to check back for more details regarding the new date.

Despite the date being postponed, amazon is still dropping prices on various amazon products like the  Echo DotEcho Tower, and Fire Tablet for Kids.


The Best Items to Buy on Prime Day

1. Amazon devices, services, and memberships 

2. Apple products, you will likely see a good discount on Apple gear, and tablets. 

3. Smart home devices and TV's. 

Other Deals

Expect counter sales from Amazon rivals: 

· Kohl's 

· Walmart 

· Target 

· Best Buy 

Be on the lookout for plenty of Whole Foods Prime Day deals as well. 

Happy Shopping Friends,

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FTC: Some of my posts may contain affiliate links. Please refer to my disclosure policy for more information. 

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