The Ultimate Back to School Guide

Getting ready for back to school can be either the most exciting time of the year, stressful time, or a combination of both. It's exciting because the kids are going back to school (insert yay here) AND stressful because we have tons of prep work to get them back to school! Have no fear, my friend (insert sigh of relief here)! Get back to school ready with The Ultimate Back to School Guide. Today, I am going to give you some tips on how to get your kids on a back to school routine that'll make the transition from summer to school a lot easier for everyone.

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Back to School Tips

Here are some of the things that I do that help get my kids on a back to school routine:

Get your child involved.

·   Discuss plans and expectations of what your morning routine. For example, if you are expecting that your student should have their beds made, dressed, and ready before coming to eating breakfast…this would be a good time to layout and discuss plans to make this a reality.

Start "practicing" your morning routine before school starts.

·   Practicing your back to school morning routine can help get your student prepared mentally, emotionally, and physically. Start the morning at the times that they will be waking up for school around one week before school starts. Also, keep track of the time it takes to get ready for school, eat breakfast, and transportation. Doing this will allow you and your student to adjust while figuring ways to make your morning routine more efficient.
·   Start transitioning snack time and lunch to approximately the times that they are going to receive a snack and lunch at (school, if possible).
·   Many kids (including mine) ate all day throughout the summertime. Or may have meal schedules that are much different than what they are allowed in school. I would strongly recommend you start implementing this step-in advance. For some kids, a drastic change in their meal schedules can throw them off if done early; it won't be such a shock to their system that they do not have access to a pantry 24/7. Also, this can give you an idea of the types of snacks, lunch, and the amount of food they need/want during this trial run.

Start discussing your after-school plans/routine before school starts.

·   This step is usually the step that takes more time. Students don't give homework or extracurricular activities until several weeks into school. However, it's still may take some time to get into a rhythm, but it's always a good idea to anticipate what your afternoons will look like and plan for them ahead of time.

First Day of School Picture Tips

If you are anything like me, you want to capture this sweet moment of your child's first day. I am going to share with you some hacks for the first day of school picture.

Search for inspiration

·   Begin thinking about the look you want to achieve. Pinterest is my go-to source; it is a visual search engine with thousands and thousands of ideas that can help you get started. I typically create a vision board and pin tons of looks I want to recreate.


·   Now that you have created your vision board, it is time to go and purchase outfits, props, or anything else that will bring your vision to life. For example, if you want to have a printable or letterboard in your photo, be sure to have that ready and on hand.

Location, Location, Location

·   Hopefully, you established the location of your desired photos while you were searching for your inspiration, but if not, that is OK.
·   Here are some location ideas include:
o  Front door
o  Backyard
o  Front of the school
o  Front of the school marquee
o  Large field (football, track field)
·   Any excellent place that will make your dream a reality

Don't take fancy pictures on the first day of school!

·   I know this sounds sacrilegious, and to some may be inauthentic, but once you get over the initial response to this idea, it winds up being quite practical! I typically take pictures the day before school with optimal lighting. The kids are wearing their first day of school outfits, and we begin out quick photoshoot. I found that my kids are generally more cooperative with this approach. Also, I get a chance to take multiple sets of pictures with numerous props, different poses, and various locations without the burden of time on my shoulders. It works magic for me, and I am sure it will work for you!

Don't forget about younger siblings!

·   I have found that more youthful brothers and sisters want to get in on the action too! Try to include any younger siblings in your pictures. You can even create a super cute sign of some sort to help them feel special on this day too!

Have Fun!

·   Make this a fun and exciting adventure, be sure to take plenty of silly photos!
·   Mom's don't forget to take your "First Day" photo too! It was a long Summer; you deserve to have your picture taken on this special day!

I hope The Ultimate Back to School Guide post helps start your school year off right!

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