The Best Chalk Activities that Will Keep your Kids Entertained

Quarantine life can be challenging, especially for children. Today I am going to share with you The Best Chalk Activities that Will Keep your Kids Entertained! This is a great way to combine arts & crafts a fun outdoor activity. 

Materials Needed:
1. Painters Tape: We used this 1-inch thick 3M painters tape.

2. Sidewalk Chalk- Any type of sidewalk chalk will do!

1. Locate a location where you and your child would like to create their first masterpiece. Pro Tip: Make sure the area is dry and safely located away from danger.

2. Create a pattern my simply taping multiple strips of painters tape to your sidewalk/driveway.

3. Begin coloring in the shapes with different colors!
Pro Tip: This can get quite messy, I usually have a wet washcloth outside to wipe hands and clothes.
Sidewalk chart art with painters tape
4. Once all the shapes are colored in, begin to carefully pull up the painters tape! This was my sons favorite part.
Boy smiling with painters tape
Sidewalk Chart Art

Voila! All done! My son loved this activity! He got so many compliments for his art work! Not to mention it dressed up our driveway!

Happy Crafting Friends...

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