Decluttering Guide: Become Clutter-Free in 2020

Decluttering can be a total nightmare and extremely overwhelming. It is the last thing that I want even to consider doing. I am a wife of a busy husband, mom of three rambunctious children, and fur mom to one. I can not tell you how much having a plan in place can help this process. Today, I share my Decluttering Guide to help you Become Clutter-Free in 2020.

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Decluttering Guide: Getting Started

So before you dive in, prepare for the task at hand by gathering supplies ahead of time.
Here are some of the supplies that you should consider having on hand:

Decluttering Guide: 6 weeks to become clutter-free in 2020

Now that we have our supplies in order, it's time to say goodbye to clutter and hello to a peaceful and well-organized home. Clutter-Free in 2020, a 6-week Declutter Challenge aimed to help you achieve a clean and organized home. The challenge is six weeks, with two built-in rest/overage days. Take no more than 90 minutes per day on the task. If more time is needed, you have the option of using one of your rest days to help complete the job. The goal is to declutter and achieve the peaceful and organized home you deserve.
Declutter Guide

Week 1: Kitchen
Kitchen Cabinets
Under-sink storage
Kitchen Drawers Countertops
Kitchen Pantry
·   Food Purge
·   Food organization
·   Food Storage
Need Inspiration? Click here to for my post on Kitchen Cabinet organization and tips.

Week 2: Bathroom Organization
Organize linens/linen closet(s)
Organize under the sink(s)
Organize/purge medicine cabinet(s)
Organize/ Purge toiletries
Miscellaneous Bathroom needs

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Week 3: Clothes/Accessories/Closets
Organize/Purge Clothes (including undergarments)
Organize/Purge accessories and shoes
Organize/Purge Kids clothes
Organize/ Purge Seasonal Clothes
Miscellaneous Clothes

Learn how baskets can help with your decluttering and organization here.
Week 4: Bedrooms
Linen Purge/organization
Bedside Table
Dresser Drawers

Week 5: Miscellaneous
·   Bookshelves
·   File Cabinets
·   Desk Drawer Organization
·   Miscellaneous
·   Garage
·   Storage Closets
·   Playroom
·   Electronics
Week 6: Wild Card Items
Use this week to catch up on the tasks that took more time or projects you need to revisit.

How to Declutter your Home

Now that we supplies gathered, action plan in place, we can now tackle the clutter. To simplify this process, I have created a 7 step process to help streamline this process.

Step 1: Evaluate the entire space. Be sure to look for any duplicates, broken or unused/infrequently used items.

Step 2: Move all items to one centrally located area.

Step 3: Separate pieces into four separate groups

·   Keep- items you would like to keep and will use. It is essential to be realistic when deciding on things that you are going to stay. A good rule of thumb is this: if you have not used it in the last six months or forgot that you even had the item, you should consider selling or donating the item.
·   Donate- any gently used items to your local thrift store, shelter, or church ministry. Be sure to get a receipt from the organization, because all donations to 401c3 organizations are considered tax-deductible
·   Sell- place items in this category that you can sell with confidence at a garage sale or online.
·   Discard-items that are not usable. When discarding electronics, be sure to drop them at sites designated for electronics and applies to toxic chemicals.

Step 4: Clean, rearrange and organize all items that you will keep.

·   Be sure to arrange the items in a manner in which they can found when needed.

Step 5: Discard all broken/unusable items.

·   If the item can be recycled, please consider recycling. Mother Earth would greatly appreciate it.

Step 6: Donate all duplicate appliances and operational and functional to a local charity/ Goodwill.

·   Don't forget to grab a receipt for your donation!

Step 7: Gather all items that you would like to sell.

·   Set up an online sale through a website or host a garage sale. Remember, another man's trash can be another man's treasure! A great way to recoup the loss of unused or duplicate items.

I hope you found these tips on decluttering helpful!

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