Insanely Fun Activities for Kids

If I had a dollar for every time my children said "mom, I am bored," I would be Jeff Bezos (Amazon's CEO/founder) rich! Today I am going to share with you 20+ Insanely Fun Activities for Kids. This post includes both indoor activities for kids and outdoor activities for kids! These fun activities for kids can easily keep your child busy especially during the summer months! 

Wooden blocks that spell play

Indoor Activities for Kids

Indoor Basketball Shooting

We have one of these in our game room, and it has been a real-life/boredom saver! My kids and I make it a fun competition and shout our hearts out! Winner usually gets bragging rights and a sweet treat to celebrate. Another option here.


I know this sounds lame, but this is a boredom buster in our home. We have a fantastic Karaoke machine that the kids love. We sing solos, duets, and even go as far as choreographing moves (LOL).

Board Games

There is nothing like a good 'ole fashion game of monopoly! Also, there are some high spin on classic games like Monopoly Cheaters Edition, Uno, Twister, and so much more.

Scavenger hunt

A fun and creative way to keep your kids and yourself busy. We split up into teams. Team 1 will leave random clues with post-it notes around the house while Team 2 tries to figure out the clues.

Stream Movies

There are several streaming services to choose from, and I love streaming movies and shows from Amazon Prime. The streaming services are with your Prime Membership. Click here to see my post about the benefits of becoming a Prime Member.

Dance Video Game

A super fun way to try to learn the latest dance moves, burn calories, and burn off some the indoor jitters.


There are tons of easy craft ideas for kids that will keep your kids busy.

Science experiments

Designed for kids, these are great things to do for kids and helps them learn valuable STEM skills


Yoga isn't just for adults! Kids benefit from the stretching, meditation, and physical intensity that yoga has to offer


Do you have a budding master chef or pastry chef? Get them started with these super cute junior chef kits.
Target practice with a Nerf Gun

Outdoor Activities for Kids

Thankfully, there are great kid activities to do near me. For many, this may not be a luxury. Also, with new social distancing limitations, finding outdoor activities can be a bit tricky.
Here are some outdoor activity ideas:

Go for a bike ride.

Start a Garden full of yummy fruits and veggies.

Nerf Gun War.

Let the nerf bullets fly, and battle begins. Divide into teams: Parents vs. Kids, Boys vs. Girls, etc. Have fun! Be sure to don tactical gear and wear safety glasses to prevent eye injuries.

Go for a hike.

Play Hopscotch.

Make sand art in a homemade sandbox.

Run to the nearest superstore and purchase a kiddie pool and play sand!

Create your waterpark.

Turn on your sprinkler system, while watering the lawn, the kids can play in their outdoor waterpark

Random act of kindness.

Do you have an elderly neighbor that would appreciate weed pulled? Simple lawn maintenance? An excellent activity that will help build character.

Create art masterpieces in your driveway/sidewalk with Sidewalk chalk

Go on a bear hunt.

Participating neighbors will place a stuffed animal in their window. Your children will then go on a bear hunt! See how many "bears" they can find.
I hope this helps! Hang in there, friends! This, too, shall pass.

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