Genius Home school and Distance Learning Tips

Home school and Distance Learning with children can be challenging. Think about it, not only are you the teacher, but you are the:
·   Principal- deal with behavior, teacher interactions, and regulation.
·   School secretary-you are now wading through all the emails, calls, and zoom meetings on your kid's behalf.
·   Registrar- you sign up with all these services, download apps, and count attendance.
·   Lunch lady/gentleman- the kids, must eat, …right?
·   Janitor- yes, clean up a lot
·   IT support- if the Wifi goes down, or the login is incorrect, IT to the rescue.
Keep reading, and learn Genius Home school and Distance Learning Tips...
Laptop, notebook, and tea

Home school and distance learning, the struggle is real!

Raise your hand if you feel overwhelmed with your new "job" as a home school teacher!!?? My dear struggling mom and dad, you are not alone! I know the feeling of being overwhelmed and insecure in my newfound role as a home school parent and learning how to navigate through distance learning. All this technology and new ways of learning are different from when we were in school. I am here to encourage you to keep up the good fight and share somethings that have helped me adapt to home school and distance learning.

Home school Supplies

Get all the needed materials on hand! 
· Pencils
· Pens
· Paper
· Books
· Notebooks
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Learning Tools and Technology

· iPad

*Many school districts should offer technology resources to those who do not have the technology available at home. Please be sure to contact your child's school for more information

Distance Learning Tips

There are tons of apps, websites, and resources that are currently helping to teach our kids. Here are some tips to help you get started. Here are somethings that will help you get organized

Compile a list of websites and applications needed for your child.

· For Websites, be sure to obtain login information and clarify if your child's school has an online subscription for many of the paid websites.
· Bookmark/save all needed websites on your web browser.

Familiarize yourself with the distance learning channels/apps/websites that your school will be using before you need them.

· Cut down on the tears and frustration when trying to access assignments and learning tools.

Use your child's teacher(s) as a resource.

Contrary to belief, many teachers are mourning the abrupt end to their school year. Don't forget that they are still here for you and your child during this time of distance learning. You can request calls, zoom meetings, and additional resources from your teacher and school to help you!

The Most Important Tip

Grant yourself grace and be encouraged. My dear struggling mom and dad, you are not alone.
Repeat after me:
I can do this
I am able
I am a great parent
I am a great teacher
This, too, shall pass.

Be blessed and encouraged friends.
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This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosures page for more information.

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