How to Increase your Reach and Impressions on Instagram

Have you noticed a significant drop to your engagement, impressions and reach on Instagram? I understand the struggle of trying to grow your brand on Instagram. I have spent hours researching and learning and developing methods to help influencers, like you, regain and even increase their engagement, reach, and impressions on Instagram. Before we dive in, I would highly encourage any Instagram users to review the Community Guidelines of Instagram.

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Instagram Help: What causes your Instagram and Impressions to Decrease?

1. Violating Instagram Community Guidelines: The short version of the Instagram Community Guidelines explicitly states, “we want Instagram to continue to be an authentic and safe place for inspiration and expression… Post only your photos and videos and always follow the law. Respect everyone on Instagram, don’t spam people or post nudity.” If you are engaging in an activity that violates the necessary policies of Instagram, you will likely have a decreased reach and impression on the platform. 

2. Engagement Groups- Engagement groups can negatively impact your impressions and score because it violates the core principle of Instagram’s community guideline: AUTHENTIC engagement. Engagement pods in its core are not authentic and use follow for follow, and other means to try to increase engagement falsely! 

3. Banned Hashtags- using banned hashtags can negatively impact your Instagram account because banned hashtags are often associated with spam behavior, nudity, or cyberbullying. All of these behaviors violate Instagram Community Guidelines (do you see a trend here?). You must take a long hard look at the hashtags you use. We will go into greater detail about Instagram hashtags in a moment. 

4. Using unauthorized Instagram Tools and Applications- Bot activity on the platform has been a lingering problem for Instagram. Bots are often used for spamming accounts and endorse shady business on the platform. To combat this, Instagram put in place efforts to suppress the impression and reach of accounts that have their accounts linked to suspicious applications and web addresses to reduce spam on the platform. Spam behavior goes against the Community Guidelines. 

5. Endorsing harmful behaviors and illegal activities- this goes without saying, and again is a violation of the Community guidelines. 

How to Increase your Reach and Impressions on Instagram 

Following the rules set forth by Instagram are crucial to improving your reach and impressions on Instagram. If you are engaging in any of the behaviors that I have mentioned above, you may want to stop and begin adhering to the Community Guidelines. 
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1. Work with the Instagram algorithm.

The algorithm is your friend and not your enemy. The Instagram algorithm was put in place to help with user experience, decrease bot/spam activity, and foster a safe social media platform. Increase your reach and impressions by merely posting content conducive to you and your audience. 

2. Strongly reconsider your use of 3rd party applications and sites.

Please review all of your 3rd party applications and make sure they do not violate the Instagram Community Guidelines 

3. Use effective hashtags.

 This is one of the most important and crucial steps that many overlook. Good hashtag combinations can significantly boost your post. Hashtag selection is crucial to your impressions, reach, and ability to land on the explorer page. Hashtag search tools to help me consistently rank in the top 25 for the hashtags. One tool is Flick Tech

Flick tech- is a fantastic tool that can help Quickly find high-quality hashtags for your Instagram posts. 


· Advanced search filters (Filter hashtags based on your strategy) 

· Suggested filters (automatically creates filters based on your linked IG account) 

· Expand hashtags (Click to search a hashtag in the graph or table) 

· Copy hashtags to the clipboard, or add to a hashtag collection for later 

· Hashtag Metrics (see feature page for info) 

Note: Flick will notify you if a hashtag is banned or flagged

4.  Monitor your Instagram Performance and Insights

Flicktech keeps you notified with weekly performance reports every Monday, also available within the app. Report covers: Reach, Impressions, change in followers, profile visits, impressions, website clicks & daily breakdown 

What are the Best Some of the Best Hashtags for Instagram?

Here is a list of great Hashtags for Instagram. Please be sure to check these hashtags before use to ensure they are not banned. Note: If you sign up with, Flick will notify you if a hashtag is banned or flagged. 

Best Hashtags for Travel

#travelphotography📷 #travelnotes #traval #travelenvy #meetheworld #travelyourworld #lostintheworld #igtravelers 

Best Hashtags for Photography

#canon50mm18 #photographerofinstagram #cannonphotography #rawphotography #nikon3400 #photohrapher #photography_ #canon📸 #shootoftheday #instaphotograpy 

Best Hashtags for Style

#lifestylephoto #instalifestyle #comfortableclothing #instafahion #unposedcollective #shopstylecollective #collective #detemination #beautyobsessed #allaboutbeauty 

Best Hashtags for Beauty

#beauts #beutyful #worldofbeauty #beautyportrait #lifebeautiful #instabeautyau #allaboutbeauty #beautyobsessed #beautyglam #beautylove 

Best Hashtags for Home

#homedécor #furniturelove #ilovedecor #decoryourhome #homedecorloversfamilybogor #homedecoritems #homedecorart #homedecorlovers #homedecortips #homedecormalaysia 

I hope this post helped you learn How to increase your Reach and Impressions on Instagram  I recommend Flick tech- to help quickly find high-quality hashtags for your Instagram posts and will improve your Impressions and reach FAST! 

* This post contains affiliate links, please see my Disclosures Policy for more information.

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