Simple Dollar Store Halloween Ideas that Will Save You Money

Halloween Day 2020

is right around the corner, and the thought of spending hundreds of dollars on Halloween costumes, candy, decor, and other Halloween celebration items can be scary (pun intended).  For 2020, Halloween Day is October 31st, 2020, and falls on a Saturday (insert a screaming yay here). 
The good news, you do not have to break the bank! In this post, I am going to share Simple Dollar Store Halloween Ideas that Will Save You Money that will help you to jazz up your upcoming Halloween celebration. 
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The Dollar Tree

The Dollar Tree is loaded with incredible  I am always on the hunt for a good deal, especially on cute and not too scary Halloween finds and other seasonal items.  If you are not aware, The Dollar Tree is a fantastic dollar store chain! They are situated around the country, offering some of the best deals you can find.
If you're a budget-conscious person (like me), it's also one of the most fabulous places on Earth. They offer an inexpensive way to refurbish your house or some supplies for a DIY project, prepare for the holidays, and find great gift ideas. 
The bottom line, it's a crafter and frugal person's dream and a great place to go. I love using the Dollar Tree as an affordable go-to stop for supplies to help express my creativity through crafting and organizing.

The Best Dollar Store Halloween Ideas 

Dollar Store Costume Ideas

Looking for a cute dollar store costume ideas? The Dollar Tree has you covered!  They are perfect for younger children who do not want to wear their trick or treating outfit all day long. 
You can use these costumes throughout the year as a fun dress-up option outside of the Halloween day.

Halloween Accessories

Who doesn't love an excellent accessory? At the Dollar Tree, you can find trendy Halloween accessories like beads, playful masks, and super fun headbands.

Halloween Decorations

Are you looking to add some flair to your Halloween decorations without breaking the bank? The Dollar Tree has a fantastic assortment of fun and inexpensive Halloween decorations. From door hangers, signs, wreaths, and jack-o-lanterns, the Dollar Tree has you covered. They even have an assortment of Halloween craft items that you can use to create amazing DIY Halloween decor tailored to your home decor.

Halloween Candy

Halloween and candy are synonymous. Did you know candy at the dollar store can be more cost-effective, and make the perfect addition to easy DIY Halloween teacher gifts? The Dollar Tree offers an assortment of Halloween candy that I use to make my Halloween treat bags, trick or treating, and gifts.

Halloween Gift Ideas 

If you are looking for a simple Halloween gift idea for your girlfriend, teacher, or home decor enthusiasts you can easily find them at the dollar store. I often gift my friends a cute pair of Halloween socks and pair them with a cute headband, both of which can be purchased at the Dollar Tree.

Halloween Crafts for Kids

Were you looking for inexpensive and fun Halloween crafts for kids? You can find a bunch of coloring books, pencils crayons other fun items that'll help add fun to Halloween gatherings.

DIY Halloween Gifts and Goodie Bag Ideas

The Dollar Tree also has a fantastic assortment of items that you can use for gifts. I typically go to the Dollar Tree to stock up on gift bags and other gift items throughout the year. For Halloween, I went and purchased several containers and filled them with candy and gave them all to my children's teachers. It was a fun and inexpensive way to show my appreciation for the teachers as well as give them a functional gift that they can put on their desk and fill with candy to give their students if they choose too.
Halloween decorations with a witch and black cat

I hope that this post hello helps you have a budget-friendly and fun Halloween season!
Take care of friends,

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